Friends and colleagues,

“Hey Bower,” you ask, impatiently. “What’s a micro-tip?” The answer, I say, bushy eyebrow arched below my receding hairline, is a tip that’s easier to read and use than, you know, a big tip. It fits neatly in your pocket or between your cheek and gum. Like a snack-sized Snickers, it tastes great and satisfies a craving without all the calories of a full-size version. So it won’t weigh you down. And these days, brevity is not only the soul of wit, it’s essential for communication in a world being transformed by all things digital.

Alrighty, now that we’ve kept marketing - like Portland - weird, we can move on to the buffet table for some savory tips, well-seasoned ideas and deliciously healthy micro-tips submitted by our expert archers.

Tips and Topics

  1. Prose and cons. We’ve done a lot of testing of long vs. short copy on websites, landing pages and email. And here, good people, is what we have learned: In our ADHD-effected world, marketers need to tell your story even more quickly, state your “why” and then get readers toot-sweet to a prescriptively clear call to action. In other words – and in fewer of them – cut to the chase.
  2. How one word won my client a $10 million piece of business. Just a reminder that really compelling headlines are what lead your customer and prospects to read more.
  3. A picture is worth a thousand weres? Should you test graphical HTML email in your digital prospect and customer campaigns? Heck to the yes. But note that in B2B prospect campaigns in particular, personalized text email almost always generates higher open and click-through rates while graphical emails more often bump up unsubscribe rates.
  4. Have your hopes been dashed? Are your analytics served up in colorful dashboards with lots of three dimensional charts, dynamic sliders and quantifications of your brand’s presence in the digital landscape? Then you, sirs and madams, are like many firms and organizations congratulating themselves for being digitally savvy users of “big data.” But may I ask you this vexing question: Are you making different and better decisions because of your dashboard? Are you gaining insight you can use or information you can’t? If the latter, I hope you’re thinking about finding technologies and providers that are expert at using digital data to measurably improve your top and bottom lines.
  5. When NOT to be creative. Have a better mousetrap, an unrivaled offer, the lowest price, a well-defined window of opportunity? Then tell your hipster creative directors, freaky freelancers and solicitous southwestern CT agencies to stand down. Tell them to focus not on a high minded creative concept, purple prose and slick design, but rather on a clear, concise, compelling, 4th grade simple presentation of your competitive advantage. Why? See #1 (See what I did there?)
  6. SEO pro tip (aka, Nerd Alert). The Googlers (yes, they call themselves that) have come up with what they call sitelinks. These help you send people to specific pages (e.g. product pages) on your site directly from your paid search ad using both horizontal buttons and larger vertical links. This gives your prospects the kind of tappable mobile experience they’ve come to expect. Early results show that people are twice as likely to interact with your sitelinks in this new format.
  7. One way to double your conversion rates. If you’re executing a campaign to an existing customer list or a rented list and you’re pushing to a form to capture contact information, do this simple thing, friends (and you too, colleagues): pre-populate that information in the form so that visitors need only click “submit” to get whatever delectable freebie you’ve offered. In our repeated tests, doing the work for the visitor more than doubled the fill rate. “Why Jay, that’s witchcraft!,” you say, but no, sirs and madams, it’s just a simple, smart use of data and technology. You’re welcome.

Something You Didn’t Know

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Thanks again for patient indulgence. Have a great day!